South Powrie Farm's Turkeys

We rear free range, premium KellyBronze turkeys in the old fashioned way on our family farm in Angus to give you the very best tasting turkey at Christmas. Our turkeys are slow grown to full maturity, reared in the outdoors, and dry-plucked and game hung to develop their award-winning flavour and texture.

They are really easy and quick to cook, on average roasting in 2-3 hours.


Why Buy A Turkey From Us?

We love good food, we love turkey and we love Christmas. We are now, unbelievably, in our 11th year as KellyBronze farmers, rearing the multi award-winning, free range KellyBronze turkey for the foodies of Angus, Dundee, Fife, Perthshire, south Kincardineshire and Edinburgh. We are one of only a few hand selected farmers to rear this signature bird, loved by the likes of Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson for its wonderful texture and flavour, as well as its very quick and easy cooking.

Rearing the KellyBronze on our own farm means we know that everything has been done to a standard we are proud of, and our customers have come to recognise the quality of the products, but also the great care and attention we give our flock. We believe in quality, high welfare and low food miles. Some of our turkeys have gone to ski resorts in Austria or a train to Cornwall, but that's the furthest they've travelled!

At Christmas time we welcome you to the farm to collect your turkey and enjoy a hot chocolate. You can also stock up on farm fresh vegetables, locally-made Christmas puddings and cakes and other treats. It's become a Christmas tradition for many of our customers, which means alot to us.

Fresh Air and Foraging

Our KellyBronze turkeys roam freely in the farm paddock, and are slow-grown to full maturity on a natural diet of cereals and foraging on grass, nettles and fallen fruit. The combination of rearing them slowly and naturally, dry plucking and game hanging, give the birds the superb flavour and texture which makes them so famously good. ​We know how important Christmas is and we want you to have a turkey worth talking about on your Christmas table.

Slow to Grow, Quick to Cook

As KellyBronze turkeys are grown to full maturity, our turkeys cook really quickly - on average between 2-3 hours - with no need for basting or making gravy, as there are plenty of natural juices. Your turkey comes completely oven-ready with a thermometer and full-cooking instructions, so there is no room for error. A KellyBronze Christmas is an easy Christmas!

Oven Ready, Direct From the Farmer

At Christmas time, you can collect your KellyBronze turkey direct from the farm or from one of our other collection points in Fife, Edinburgh, Kincardineshire, Perthshire or Angus. We can also arrange home delivery.

Whether you collect from our festive shed at the farm, or from a collection point, our turkey comes in a box, completely oven-ready with a thermometer and full-cooking instructions.

Other Local Produce

You can also pre-order all your classic trimmings and Christmas puddings from other local suppliers online to collect with your turkey and when you come to collect your turkey from the farm we have a pop up shop with freshly picked veg, homemade jams, local beers, cheese, oatcakes and other essentials for your Christmas table.