Some lovely words from some of our customers

  • "Without question the best we have tasted - by far. I will not buy anywhere else now. I love your ethos about treating the birds with respect and dignity! Oh and they taste bloody good!!"

    Andy G

    "Just wanted to say thanks for the most tasty turkey I have ever had! I was really worried about taking it out of the oven much earlier than "normal" turkeys and just trusting the thermometer but I just went with it. It was the moistest turkey I have eaten and perfectly cooked. Everyone loved it. There were loads of left overs too."

    Emily J

    First Class. Excellent value for the price.

    Mr Weir
  • "Fantastic service, extremely tasty turkey and like the whole experience of being able to buy everything together - thank you so much, as it takes a lot of the stress out of Christmas shopping."

    Judith M

    "The turkey was excellent and it even got the highly ranked seal of approval from the grannies...who are of course the best turkey judges!"

    Sarah L

    "We were delighted with our turkey. The quick cooking time is amazing. We have always bought a good turkey but this was by far the most moist. "

    The Davidsons
  • "Thank you for all your help with our Christmas turkey. It was lovely - everyone commented on how it was the best they had ever tasted! It was so easy to cook which made my Christmas Day even more fun by not having to keep checking on the turkey in the oven. I will certainly be purchasing one again when I am hosting the family Christmas party (and even if I am not I will be highly recommending your turkeys to whoever is!)."

    Louise T

    "Our Kelly Bronze was delicious and I will definitely be having another one next year. I followed the cooking instructions and it was cooked to perfection!"

    Mrs Henderson

    "Thank you for supplying us with such good produce for our Christmas celebrations. Our experience from the beginning with placing the order thro' to the service at the shop was excellent. Looking forward to a similar experience this coming Christmas."

    Alice W
  • "The KellyBronze has completely changed my view of Christmas lunch!"

    Yvonne M

    "Our KellyBronze was great. The size seemed enormous compared to other brands and much tastier. We will certainly recommend to others."

    Brigid C

    "You appreciate that a customer has a choice and when deciding to spend a little extra money on a turkey the whole experience has to be a good one, and this was the case!"

    Mrs McCulloch
  • "Excellent flavour. Quick and easy to cook. Great instructions. Really moist breast meat and tasty dark meat. Excellent flavour. Quick and easy to cook. Great instructions. Really moist breast meat and tasty dark meat."

    Annie P

    "My KellyBronze turkey was heaven on a plate :-)."

    Roisin M

    "Your turkey exceeded all of our expectations. We have and will continue to tell all of our friends about our turkey. The sausages were great as well!"

    Bill L
  • "We thoroughly enjoyed the turkey. We appreciated the cooking instructions - it was exactly as you said, cooking time less than ordinary turkeys. It was moist and tasty and we will certainly be having one next year."

    Mrs Milne

    "Thank you for the lovely turkey. 38 portions, hot, cold, + snack, and curry, plus 5.5 pints of stock for soup, circa fifteen portions, so I make it approx £1.63 per portion not bad when you compare it with a fish supper!!"

    Bobby S

    "I had to send you an email to thank you for making our Christmas Day dinner a wonderful success. The turkey was absolutely fantastic and my granddaughter did an amazing job of the cooking of the bird, thanks to your wonderful instructions and tips on how it should be cooked. It was her first time cooking a large turkey, and thanks to you and her listening and following your instructions, she cooked it absolutely perfectly. It was truly fantastic, and was great to see my granddaughter bursting with pride at her success. So thank you once again. We certainly will be getting our turkey from your farm again next year."