Serves 6


This is based on a recipe by Felicity Cloake. It needs some quick prep the day before but is very easy and different.



12 dried figs soaked overnight in 200ml sweet sherry (or other fortified wine)

2-3kg turkey thighs

6 shallots (halved if large)

50-100g flaked almonds, fried in oil or butter




Soak 12 dried figs in 200ml sweet sherry or other fortified wine overnight.


The next day, brown the turkey legs in a large casserole with two tablespoons of olive oil. Remove from the pot, turn down the heat and fry the shallots until starting to caramelise, then lift out and put with the turkey.


Turn up the heat, add the sherry from the soaked fruit (hold back the fruit) and cook until bubbling, scraping any bits stuck to the base of the pot. Add 800ml water and 1tsp salt or a chicken stock cube (or 800ml turkey stock if you have it) and season with pepper, bring to a simmer and return the turkey to the pot or a roasting tin. Cover with a lid or foil and roast for 2.5 hours.


Uncover, add the fruit and turn up the heat to 180C for 30 minutes.


Fry a handful of flaked almonds in butter until golden, and scatter on top to serve.

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