Turkey chicks hatched ||

The turkey chicks have hatched! They are keeping cosy inside deep in sawdust and basking under huge big heaters. They stay here for the first few weeks until they have filled out their feathers and are strong enough to enjoy the great outdoors.

Once they move to the paddock, which will have been recently fertilised by the sheep and will be full of long lush grass, they have loads of space to range in a healthy outdoor environment.


We are passionate about high welfare and high quality at every stage, and traditional rearing and artisan approach are at the heart of this. Our turkeys grow slowly and naturally.


This allows them to display their natural behaviours including dust bathing to keep themselves clean, a keen curiosity at any noise or activity (of which there’s plenty on the farm) and foraging. They will seek out nutritious nettles or a fallen apple from the fruit trees we’ve planted, or scratch for grubs in the earth.


We also give them mixed grains to keep them fit and healthy but having the space to seek out natural delicacies is one of the reasons our turkeys are so special.