|| The refurb

Now a couple of months old and fuller in feather after a few weeks next to a cosy brooding heater, the turkeys are ready to venture to their outdoor home, which has had a makeover this year.
We (naively) built our first 'turkey tunnel' when we first started our KellyBronze adventure 13 years ago, and although there was just a puff of wind that day, every time we tried to pin the plastic to the frame, it took off like a sail, the various constructees being lifted with it. Our eldest watched with glee from his pram and own construction site!
So, this time we got in the professionals. We fully appreciated the sweat and tears but felt we'd done our initiation first time and were delighted to see it completed and ready for its new residents! Next week, we'll fill it with fresh straw in ready welcome for the flit.