|| The bronze in the Kelly

Bronze turkeys are a heritage breed, distinctive for the beautiful rich bronze sheen of their feathers, which shimmer especially in the Autumn light, and traditional depth of flavour.
Originally from Mexico, turkeys are believed to have been first brought to Britain from the Americas about 500 years ago, and the bronze to originate from a cross between wild turkeys and the by then domesticated European breeds in the 18th century.
When the mass produced, fast growing, perfectly plucked white turkey started to dominate the supermarket shelves in the 1980s, the bronze bird was facing extinction in the UK.
Seeing the very real risk of losing a turkey with flavour, turkey farmer Derek Kelly swept around the country, including many parts of Scotland, bringing the last of the bronze turkeys back to his farm in Essex. He spent the next few years creating the mix of breeds for the very best eating quality: the KellyBronze which has gone on to win a number of awards, but more importantly, many, many loyal customers.
Our KellyBronze turkeys are slow growing, reaching maturity over six months (twice as long as "commercial" turkeys). This time to grow results in a richer flavour and more meat.