March 2018

We've been hibernating! But now the sun is shining and we are just seeing the first daffodils pushing through - it must be nearly spring. We love this time of year, with its promise of warmer weather and the farming year getting underway again. It's nearly Easter too, and we have a few turkeys and crowns available. Or if you are looking for somewhere to escape to and be cooked for, read on...    
  Spring Crops || We have been ploughing on lovely sunny wintery days (before the snow set in!) in preparation for planting spring barley, peas and potatoes. The fieldwork starts in earnest in the next few weeks, once the soil has dried out and warmed up. These crops will be sown, and the oilseed rape, wheat and rye which have been in the ground over winter will be ready to be fed in order to grow strong in time for harvest. 
 A Merchant's Road || A metal detector found this ancient coin in one of our fields. He had it assessed by the experts, and it dates back to King Robert III 1390-1406. It was minted in Edinburgh, which will have been a long way away in those days! Having found a number of coins over the years (none quite so significant as this) along a distinct line on the farm, it's possible that it was once a route much used by merchants. You can see it has been clipped at the edges, which was a common occurrence in Medieval times as a means of stealing silver - even though it was treason, and punishable by death. A quarter of the coin has been cut - each quarter was worth a penny, which would have been quite a loss in those days - about four days wages.  
   The Great Escape || Fancy a night away or just a night of really good food? Ballintaggart Farm near Aberfeldy is a blissful place to escape from it all and enjoy peace, firelight and eating or creating fabulous food. Cookery days, Feast Nights, or just book in for the rooms with a view. Ballintaggart is hosting its next Feast Night on 24th March.
Easter Turkey || We have a few remaining turkeys available from our farm freezer for Easter (at 20% discount). Available for collection from the farm in the week before Easter. Please email or phone us if you would like to order one. First come, first served! 5kg turkey £60 6kg turkey £71.35 11kg turkey £105.60 Small crown £46.93 (3-4kg - 2 available)