Bronze by name ||

Our turkeys are beginning to show their glorious bronze colours, particularly in the Autumn sunshine. The males are also starting to 'display', when they puff up their feathers and strut around with great pride. 

In the 1980s, bronze turkeys were becoming unfashionable due to their black feather stubs, and white turkeys were becoming the popular choice.

Luckily Derek Kelly, now in his 80s, had the foresight to scour the country to collect the last of the bronzes. Other turkey breeders thought he was crazy, but for the last 40 years, he and his family have been breeding bronze turkeys from these purely bronze breeds (unlike some that are a mix of bronze and white), constantly working on flavour and texture to ensure the best tasting turkey for the Christmas table - the KellyBronze. And we are lucky enough to be one of the farms that rears them.