A Cow's Tale

We love a bit of serendipity, and when dad Ewan was recently in the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society offices in Perth, he spotted a familiar sight. It would have taken a keen eye but this painting shows two prize winning heifers standing in what is now the turkey paddock at Powrie. The farmhouse and neighbouring castle are quite recognisable even 120 years ago, but there's little of Dundee City then. A little further research shows that Thomas Smith and his forbears farmed at South Powrie for nearly 100 years during which time they built up a famous herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle. Thomas, the last of the line, seemed to have been a very adept breeder and show man. He even exhibited at the Paris Show but his greatest success came in 1901 when his cow Pride of Powrie 9th won the breed championship at the Royal Show in Cardiff. The mind boggles how they got cows from Dundee to Paris and Cardiff.